Mage Drops

In 2021 I created the new Early Access trailer for Mage Drops, the fantastical golf-like available on Steam and Itch.

Abode Gaming

Published by Abode Gaming, this video served as niche guide for a seasonal challenge in Destiny 2.

CAMP Magazine

In 2020 I worked as the creative editor for the University of Melbourne’s Queer Department to style and design CAMP Magazine. CAMP is an autonomous publication designed to share creative expression and connectivity between Queer students engaged with the University of Melbourne.

Telstra Review: Detroit Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a unique action adventure title released in 2018. In a story that focuses on the value of artificial life, you will take control of three unique characters as they set out define themselves, ignite a revolution and escape servitude.

Video Games: Touching Reality

A brief overview of the structures available through video-games that touch reality. Touching on meta-narratives, cross medium games, exergaming, virtual reality and augmented reality.